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"Here lies Terri Doty... Homegirl loved a gif."

While walking Z (my dog), a stray ran up and tried to attack her… I may have gone Ripley.

P.S.- It ran away to attack a non-spoiled dog.


She has no lines but has a NUDE SCENE. She’s also killed in a graphic, over the top way. 

  • Me: *out for dinner with my dad because we were too lazy to cook*
  • Random Old Lady: *comes up out of no where with the most judgmental look ever* (will also be refereed to as 'ROL')
  • ROL: Isn't he a little old for you?
  • Me: Well, considering he's my Dad, I'd say that your a judgmental hag.
  • Dad: *chokes into his drink*
  • ROL: You should respect your elders.
  • Me: You should respect your youth, we're the ones who'll decide on whether or not to pull your cord in like, what? Five weeks?
  • Dad: *chokes on his drink again*
  • ROL: *storms off*
  • Dad: *looks at me with a disapproving look*
  • Me: What?
  • Dad: Come on, you and I both know it will be three weeks.