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"Here lies Terri Doty... Homegirl loved a gif."

Dorothy Gulliver in a publicity photo for The Collegians (1926)

Dorothy Gulliver in a publicity photo for The Collegians (1926)

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Thanks, everyone!

Thanks so much to all the participated in my lil’ giveaways!

To recap:

Cameron Monoghan as Caleb Drysdale


Colin Morgan as Dan Whittaker


Liam Hemsworth as Gabe Hazelwood


More giveaways to come! Just out of curiosity, who wants a giveaway through Twitter AND/OR Facebook?

Just interested in the audiobooks? Eyes of Lightning & Wings of Thunder are available for download :)

Wings of Thunder Giveaway Week 3: Gabe Revealed!

Brandon Eaton? Adorable, but no.

Max Thieriot?… Well, he was a welcome surprise. I’ve just started watching Bates Motel and he definitely has a lot of Gabe qualities… But no.

Liam Hemsworth… Liam Hemsworth? Eh, maybe you’ve heard of him. You know, he’s really obscure. That’s sarcasm for those just tuning in.

It was hard to envision who could play Gabe to me for the longest time. THEN I saw The Hunger Games and thought… maybe.


Being that I have no desire to read the books and the movies weren’t groundbreaking for me, I can’t say for sure that Gale is really anything like Gabe. It wasn’t until I started researching other roles he’d done that I found some photos, clips, etc from a horrible movie with Miley Cyrus called “The Last Song” that I knew for sure that he was Gabe. Least for me.


Cute, fit, a little on the broody side… That’s Gabe Hazelwood.


Only ONE person guessed correctly and the guesser already has the audiobook… So while technically elliesoderstrom won, no one won… I didn’t prepare for this.


Today’s musical fuel

Do you and Troy still actively use Jeff’s Netflix account without his permission?

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"The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices." - They Live (1988)

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quanticcandy asked: Alright, I've got the roles for this sitcom planned out. Terri: New Girl in the building| Tatum: Guy from across the door who's gay and ends up being Terri's BFF| Caitlin G: ESL Teacher down the hall| Monica: Hair Stylist that does Terri's hair| Vic: The Cop who looks pretty tough on the job but in truth is a sweetheart| Cherami, Tia and Brittney K: The actress, the artist and the babysitter right next door| Stephen: A guy who would come in later and become Terri's Boyfriend.

Wow, you’ve really thought about this…

huntersthedoctorandsherlock asked: I desperately need that sitcom now. It just needs a title. something cheesy like: Terri and Tatum. or Tatum and Terri. :D It needs to happen!

I was thinking “TnT”… Damn that’s classy. And I’m all sorts of classy.

captain-odd asked: On your first bottle episode of That Anime Show, you start to explain how you got your dog, but you never finished the story. Not to sound like a creeper or anything, but my sister and I were just wondering how you got her.

Yeah, it’s easy to get distracted during any discussion on TAS. I’ve explained the story of Z in interviews and other episodes.


The previous owners of Zoey put her in the “capable hands” of some friends. While these amigos of theirs weren’t paying attention, Z got out. Rather than look for her, the owners just replaced her.

Couple days later, animal control brought her home. She was starved and had clearly been hit by a car and dragged. Dead flesh was hanging off her and she was filthy. 

The owners took her to their vet and, after hearing how much it would cost to fix her up, they decided they were going to put her down because 1) they already had a new dog & 2) it was cheaper. Luckily, the vet refused and made them sign her over to the clinic. The doctor did everything for free and had her living in the clinic until she healed. 

Then I found her.


Zoey is a Doty-Hoff now and we love her!

lamestwerewolfhands asked: Who can drop the phattest rhymes? Who can bust the chillest moves? In an all out no holds barred rap battle to the death who emerges victorious? You or Stephen? Inquiring minds wish to know.


Not my preference to fight the love of my life to death, but… Well, is there really any doubt that it’s me?